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Our Story

We founded Swiftly in 2021 with the aim to empower job seekers through AI that lifts transparency and efficiency in finding opportunities. Your time matters to us, so removing manual labour from the job hunt was considered a necessity among our experienced co-founders. We take the constant rejection and biased recruitment out of the job hunting equation.

Swiftly uses a data driven approach to automatically apply jobs for candidates with opportunities, focusing on your unique skill set. We constantly reassess the candidate against the market to optimize the chances of an interview. To take the competitive market into account, Swiftly not only applies for jobs, but also lets you know through transformative feedback about the ways to upskill and increase your attractiveness to recruiters.

We make recruitment for companies affordable thanks to our data driven approach, easing the process of hiring top candidates. Our purpose is to create a win-win scenario for job seekers and recruiters. Everyone has a perfect job somewhere, we take them there.

Our Core Values


Helping job seekers

Our mission is to successfully assist jobseekers in finding the right opportunities and employers that align with their aspirations and visions. In removing the element of manual labour, jobseekers can focus on what truly matters to them, while we find them a rewarding and desirable job. Time is something you can never get back. Our platform provides the efficiencies necessary for jobseekers in the vast and competitive market through AI.

Lifting equality

Swiftly has a vision to bring transparency and non bias to the field of recruitment. Our platform focuses solely on the unique skill sets and talent that jobseekers obtain and aims to find the perfect job at top companies without revealing any personal information about the candidate. This is a security for the recruiter as well as the candidate, knowing that someone gets hired for the right reasons.



We believe that personal development is an essential key to obtaining a competitive advantage in job seeking . Our AI provides jobseekers with transformative feedback on how to upskill with qualifications, tests and more to obtain better accuracy in getting called for interviews solely based on unique skill. We can set the candidates using Swiftly apart from your average joe who doesn’t have the tools necessary to obtain competitiveness. We assist in developing your unique skill set to give you a better shot at your dream job.